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The Liverpool Group is a leading mid-market multi asset investment manager with a strong commitment to responsible investment and impact across its businesses. Our three organisations complement and support the other to ensure we’re creating a business and community that’s future-focused and building a better tomorrow.
Our people are our most valuable asset, having built our cohesive team with talented and diverse professionals with deep operating, private equity, transaction and impact experience. Our team are our family and we believe in working hard, but having a lot of fun along the way!


in significant and sustainable growth

Liverpool Partners is a leading private equity investor building sustainable growth investments in mid-market businesses across Australasia.

The Liverpool Partners Group manage $1.4b of equity capital on behalf of our investors and our focus is not only on creating stellar financial returns for all our stakeholders and partners, but also creating a roadmap for sustainability and impact for every business that we invest in and partner with.

It is our belief that the most valuable businesses are the ones that:

Participate in intergenerational themes and sectors
Have high growth opportunities which our capital and team can assist to unlock
Seek to take on some of the responsibility for the challenges we face in society and environment.
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A hands on approach to investing

We proactively seek to partner with businesses that are looking to grow rapidly, either by way of a specific growth opportunity or, by consolidation via further acquisition.

We are respectful but active investors, adding value through capital provision, strategy execution and sourcing of human capital talent.

We find these opportunities through hard work and more than a little determination. Of course, we also happen to find it a lot of fun!

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Investing for the future

Our team love nothing more than putting their talents to work, and take great pleasure in making a positive difference for the businesses we work with.

In today’s business environment, investors, employees and clients alike are becoming increasingly interested in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of individual businesses. We believe and plan for value creation, including financial and also sustainability and impact plans which respond to the environmental and social challenges we face today.

As a result, we work closely with the businesses we invest in to ensure that they’re optimally structured from an ESG perspective. Our team regularly engage with our portfolio partners and company managers to help define and progress their ESG priorities. Our aim is to ensure both responsible and sustainable success.

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