At Liverpool Partners, we believe that success also entails giving back and supporting the broader community around us.

We support the following organisations:


World Vision

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Focusing on an Area Development Project in the Luc Yen District in Vietnam, Liverpool Partners has teamed up with World Vision to improve child wellbeing in the area through completing the following projects;

  • Livelihoods Development Project; increasing incomes of poor households with children under 18
  • Education Project; improving the quality of education for children under 18
  • Child Heathcare Project; improving the health status of the children

Although this ADP is only in its early stages, Liverpool Partners is excited to see how the Luc Yen district will grow and change over the coming years.

So They Can

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So They Can is a not for profit organisation that believes education and targeted support can improve the economy of poor communities so they can become self-sufficient, realise their potential and break the poverty cycle.

Liverpool Partners is ensuring quality education by supporting a class of 30 children at Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya.


Home of the Open Heart

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Home of the Open Heart assists and enables destitute HIV affected adults, children and babies by providing education, orphan care, respite and hospice care, both in their home and their community.

Liverpool Partners is supporting operational costs of their hospice.


School for Life

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School for Life Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working in rural Uganda. They empower communities to help themselves and create their own opportunities.

To do that, they build schools to provide communities with a quality education, including primary and secondary schooling, vocational training and other services – such as employment and healthcare solutions.

Liverpool Partners is supporting a whole grade of 40 students, providing them with everything they need to learn, clean water and nutritious meals.